Ananda come experience Bliss

Whether you're visiting Curaçao for a yoga or mindfulness retreat, a business training event or a carefree holiday, Ananda does something to you. You leave the island a different person – more relaxed, more energetic, enriched.

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At Ananda, we ensure that everyone who visits this peaceful paradise on Curaçao leaves well-rested, revitalized, satisfied and full of beautiful memories. Whether we're welcoming you for a relaxing holiday, a wellness retreat or a business training event, our people and our facilities are completely dedicated to your comfort.

“First of all, the place is absolutely beautiful – the weather is spectacular – and I particularly appreciated the great service and the loving environment at the retreat center.”


Business couple Patricia McGraw and Martyn Barratt designed this unique oasis on Curaçao specially for people who – just like you – want to live a conscious and healthy life. Patricia: “With Ananda, we wanted to offer the perfect place for people to retreat, relax, revitalize and renew. Our ambition is to enrich people's lives. We therefore cordially invite everyone to get closer to themselves at our resort, and to connect with others.”

“The energy is truly magical, the landscape stunning.”